Sesame oil: 7 steps towards healthy hair

Sesame is one of the oldest plants added to food in order to emphasize flavour of a meal and to provide our organism with various essential and valuable fats and nutritional ingredients. It’s a superb source of proteins, magnesium and iron. Well-known in Middle East where brown tahini paste is produced from it. In Europe, it is added to sweets, takes part in the process of making margarine, oil is squeezed from it, it’s sold in form of seeds which we can use in the kitchen. Sesame oil is widely used in cosmetics as it provides splendid hair and skin care.

sesame-oil.jpgBelow we present main benefits of using this oil for hair care.

1. It is a rescue for extremely dry hair. We will achieve best effects when we mix it with beetroot juice and lemon juice. To this purpose, we have to mix these 3 ingredients in equal proportions (e.g. teaspoon or spoon) and apply the mixture with fingertips by gently rubbing it in the scalp. We leave the oil compress on the scalp for the whole night and wash it away in the morning.

2. It fights dandruff – only sesame oil can be used to this purpose. Massage it into the scalp and leave it overnight as a compress. In the morning you need to wash your hair and style it as always. After 30 days of daily therapy, dandruff will disappear for good.

3. It is perfect for summer as it protects hair from UV radiation. Hair oiling at least once a week will provide natural protection from sun rays.

4. You’re growing your hair? Sesame oil stimulates circulation in the skin and greatly enhances its growth as a result.

5. It will repair even extremey damaged hair – it’s irreplaceable for women who have very overdried and weakened by strong detergents hair. Sesame oil has really strong regenerating, moisturizing and slightly greasing properties.

6. It prevents hair from greying. If you’ve noticed first grey hairs, you can darken it with a sesame oil. It requires rubbing the oil in the hair regularly and every day but the effects will be surprising. Grey strands will become darker and what’s more such treatment will prevent appearing new “silver thread” on your head.

7. Regular hair oiling (applying the oil to dry or slightly damp hair, leaving it overnight or at least for an hour and washing it away with a shampoo) will also help those who struggle with (even strong) hair loss.