Sesame oil: For who and why?

Sesame oil is an absolute hit for hair care. Diversity of valuable minerals and vitamins exceeds the competition. What is hidden in the sesame oil and what impact does it have on hair?

sesame-oil.jpg1. Sesame oil is semi-dry oil. Its particles have average size, that means they are perfect for hair with medium porosity hair. Good news is that most women have this type of hair.

2. Sesame oil consists of vitamin A, responsible for the cells renewal cycle in the organism. This provides quicker hair growth and regeneration. Its deficit results with excess hair loss.

3. Sesame oil contains vitamin E, which for a good reason is called the vitamin of youth. It is a strong antioxidant that inhibits ageing processes of skin and hair. This vitamin is also responsible for right hair growth.

4. Sesame oil has iron. Its deficit results with weakening of follicles and hair loss. Moreover, iron delivers right amount of oxygen to the cells.

5. Sesame oil consists of magnesium, which is an irreplaceable ingredient for many biological processes. One of its main tasks is involvement in production of protein, including keratin – base hair lumber.

6. Sesame oil contains vitamin B6. The deficit of vitamins from B group can only lead to terrible results: baldness, excess hair loss and sebum secretion, but also oily scalp or even premature grey hair.

7. Sesame oil has folic acid to prevent premature grey hair. Furthermore, it will make hair grow stronger and healthier, because it takes care of hair bulbs.

8. Sesame oil is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, it takes care of elasticity of hair and improve the processes occurring inside cells. Without them our hair would be dry, brittle and ends would start to split. EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) support preservation of right hair and scalp condition.